During the Coronavirus Pandemic around the world, daily life has come to a sudden standstill and businesses have had to respond. LEAFS CONCIERGE has had to scale back on some of its services. Services have been modified going forward as follows.

You may not like to shop, but we like to shop at LEAFS. Let LEAFS be your personal shopper to free up your time.

  • Back to school supplies for the kids
  • College text books & supplies
  • Dormitory items
  • Gift & Item Shopping
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Card Writing
  • Mail, post or personal delivery (within a certain mile radius to be discussed)
  • Find a nice outfit & accessories
  • Locate the lowest cost tickets
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Client gifts
  • Employee gifts
  • New Parents – Pick up diapers, wipes, pampers, formula, etc.
  • Elderly or Shut In – Groceries & Supplies
  • And many more…..
  • Home Away
  • Party Services
  • Special Services – wait in line, bring items for hospital stays, drop off prescriptions
  • Clean, empty out of apartments after move outs

Thank You for understanding. Have a very safe and blessed day.